How Often Should I Be Exfoliating?

Every skin type has different needs. So when determining when to exfoliate, you need to keep your individual skin type in mind. Follow these guidelines to start integrating exfoliation in your skincare regimen. Product Facials are also available at Clarkston Dermatology to feel suggested products first-hand and receive expert advice for a personalized routine!

Exfoliate Mildly on a Daily Basis If:

You have normal or oily skin and are using a gentle acid based cleanser. We suggest Brightening Facial Wash by Revision®, Gly/Sal 2-2 Cleanser by Skin Science, and Mild Gel Wash by Glytone. Another great option for daily exfoliation is a facial brush like the Clarisonic® with an array of brush head choices for different skin types.

Exfoliate Mildly Every 2-3 Days If:

You have sensitive or dry skin. Individuals with this skin type should start exfoliating every 2-3 and if the skin responds well, you can always adjust to every other day.

Exfoliate Every 1-2 Weeks If:

You have Rosacea, eczema, or extremely sensitive skin. This is because these conditions can cause a higher instance of redness in their skin and/or inflammation with excessive exfoliation. The use of gentle exfoliation cleansers or the Clarisonic Cleansing Brush on a once a week basis is recommended. Only increase to a more regular use if your skin tolerates it well.

Exfoliate Once or Twice a Month If:

You want to leave serious exfoliation up to professionals. Visit Clarkston Dermatology every two weeks or monthly for a microdermabrasion in Clarkston or chemical peel in Clarkston. This in accordance with at-home products in between visits will make you an exfoliation expert!

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