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Clarkston Dermatology Logo, Official Home Page, Dermatologist in Clarkston and Oxford (Oxford Township), Michigan
Clarkston Dermatology Logo, Official Home Page, Dermatologist in Clarkston and Oxford (Oxford Township), Michigan

Research & Clinical Trials

We offer groundbreaking research and clinical trials for our patients.

Michigan Center for Research Company was developed in 2009 by principal investigator Wendy McFalda, DO. We are dedicated to the advancement of dermatology through quality clinical research.

The mission of Michigan Center for Research Company is to provide quality, ethical care by bringing cutting-edge treatment and technology to our patients.

We have a state-of-the-art facility equipped with advanced treatment devices, Canfield photography equipment, an on-site CLIA-certified lab, a centrifuge, -20 and -70 degree Celsius freezers, secure and temperature-monitored storage locations, adequate monitoring space, HIPAA compliance, extensive experience in marketing and recruitment, central IRB capabilities, high-speed internet access, and extensive EDC experience.

Michigan Center for Research Company's commitment to excellence extends through every facet of our company to provide exceptional patient recruitment and retention, quality data, and superior patient care. All of our physicians are board-certified, and our research staff is highly trained and qualified.

What are your doctors and researchers' qualifictions?
What Are the Benefits of Enrolling in a Clinical Trial?
Enrolling in a clinical trial offers many benefits to patients:

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