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Clarkston Dermatology Logo, Official Home Page, Dermatologist in Clarkston and Oxford (Oxford Township), Michigan
Clarkston Dermatology Logo, Official Home Page, Dermatologist in Clarkston and Oxford (Oxford Township), Michigan



At Clarkston Dermatology, we believe in delivering quality skin care and cosmetic solutions that help you look and feel your best. Our national award-winning pratice offers innovative solutions from board-certified providers like Y-Lift® or liquid facelift, a leading non-surgical facelift procedure available to men and women in Clarkston and Troy, MI.Ready to see what the Y-Lift® can do for you? Clarkston Dermatology is pleased to offer our patients in Troy and Clarkston, MI, the most innovative cosmetic treatments for the real results you deserve. To get started, call us for a free consultation, meet with your expert guides, and begin your custom treatment. Before we see you, we also invite you to download "The Top 5 Myths About Botox®" to learn more about a complementary treatment with the Y-Lift®.


The Y-Lift® is a revolutionary procedure for a more youthful, natural look now being offered at Clarkston Dermatology located in Clarkston, MI. The Y-Lift® introduces a new non-surgical facelift that allows you turn back with clock with no anesthesia, no incisions, no downtime! Men and women of all ages can benefit from the Y-Lift® to help define their features.

The cost varies per patient depending on their individual needs; however, a typical Y-Lift® ranges from $3,000 – $10,000. We offer free consultations where each patient can get their questions answered, receive a customized treatment plan, and prepare for amazing results with the Y-Lift®! We also offer CareCredit® financing with affordable monthly payments.

The “Y” represents the shape of a naturally youthful face – high cheekbones tapered down to a soft, well-defined jawline. Also referred to as a liquid facelift, the Y-Lift® procedure involves the use of dermal fillers such as Juvéderm® and Juvéderm Voluma®. Using a specialized technique, the dermal fillers are injected into the skin to lift and contour. The result is instant, beautiful results.The difference between the Y-Lift® and a traditional facelift is the treatment method, recovery time, and the results. A facelift is performed through invasive surgery that involves downtime, healing, and scars. While many people are ready to go back to their relatively normal routine after about two weeks, the amount of time for all the swelling, bruising, and changes in skin sensation to completely resolve can be up to a full year.After a Y-Lift® procedure, the only thing that you are left with following the procedure is instant results! The Y-lift® does not involve downtime, allowing patients to return to their normal activities immediately. In fact, it is often referred to as the “lunch-time facelift”; the entire Y-Lift® procedure typically takes between 30-60 minutes. The results can last between one to three years.

Areas We Serve

We offer Y-Lift® treatments to residents of the following areas: Clarkston, Oxford, Oxford Township, Birmingham, Troy, and all of Oakland County, MI (Michigan). Although our offices are are located in Clarkston and Oxford, Michigan, we regularly serve patients throughout the entirety of Oakland County who need a skin doctor for medical care related to Y-Lift®.

Your path to clear, healthy, vibrant skin begins with a simple consultation. Book one today to meet with one of our medical experts to identify your path forward.
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