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Clarkston Dermatology Logo, Official Home Page, Dermatologist in Clarkston and Oxford (Oxford Township), Michigan

Research & Clinical Trials

We offer groundbreaking research and clinical trials for our patients.

At Clarkston Skin Research, we know you want to feel empowered about your health. To get empowered, you need to know why the root cause of your skin condition and how to treat it at its core. We believe in giving you the answers you deserve. At Clarkston Dermatology, we offer groundbreaking research and clinical trials for our patients in Clarkston, Troy, and surrounding communities to give you new hope.

What is Research?
One of our very own dermatologists, Dr. Wendy McFalda, founded Clarkston Skin Research to study skin conditions and potential new, inexpensive treatments.

What Can Research Do for Me?
Consider partaking in one of our clinical trials to help strengthen our research while treating your skin condition, or read up on on common ways to determine whether your skin is healthy with our dermatology glossary.

Clinical Trials
Interested in participating in a clinical trial at Clarkston Skin Research? Many patients feel hopeless with their diagnosis. If you are struggling to get the treatment you need or your condition has not improved with existing treatment options, you may be a good candidate for a clinical trial at Clarkston Skin Research. Contact us today to discuss trials, schedule your appointment, and begin in a clinical trial. Until then, read "The Top Three Reasons to Join a Clinical Trial" to learn more.

What Is a Clinical Trial?
A clinical trial is a specific type of research into a treatment to study how helpful and safe a treatment will be. When a clinical trial shows that treatments are safe and helpful for patients, they can become the next standard of care. Clinical trials can study everything from drugs that have not yet been FDA-approved or new uses for existing drugs to new procedures and techniques to relieve symptoms.

Are Clinical Trials Safe?
Trial participants are protected through a series of safeguards, including a careful study protocol and rules enforced by the federal government. A clinical trial is carefully designed, completed, and reviewed and receives approval from an Institutional Review Board, or a group of scientists, doctors, and lay people chosen by a health care center where patients will be enrolled. Many trials are also supervised by a Data and Safety Monitoring Committee made up of experts who check the results of the study throughout its progress. If a treatment does not work or causes any harm, it's stopped immediately.

What Are the Benefits of Enrolling in a Clinical Trial?

Enrolling in a clinical trial offers many benefits to patients:

• Treatment without health insurance: Many patients participate in clinical trials to seek treatment for a condition when they do not have health insurance. A clinical trial can be a promising solution to treating everything from severe acne to eczema and hair loss.
• Access to cutting-edge treatment: A clinical trial can give you access to a new treatment for a condition before it's available to the general public.
• Follow-up care for your condition: With a clinical trial, you will often receive follow-up medical care and check-ups as part of your treatment.
• You may help others: Participating in a clinical trial gives you the chance to help other people with your condition get better treatment in the future.

How Can I Enroll in a Clinical Trial?
If you believe you qualify for any of the clinical trials for which Clarkston Skin Research is currently enrolling participants, you can find out more information and enroll by calling us at (248) 620-3376, Option 3. You do not need health insurance to participate. Eligibility will be determined during an initial appointment. If you are eligible to participate, you will receive compensation for your travel and time.

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