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Clarkstom Dermatology Medical Spa Services

Clarkston Dermatology offers various cosmetic treatments that are typical and therefore we are able to help you treat many different cosmetic issues that may be affecting your self-confidence and other areas of your life. Finding a trusted source of cosmetic dermatology treatments in Clarkston may be tough because you want the best possible service. And this is when you want to make sure that you find a dermatologist office that offers such services. That’s because dermatologists are trained and possess the fullest knowledge about your skin and how to make it healthy and improve its cosmetic appearance. This brief Q & A will help answer many of the questions you may have about medical spas and the services offered.

Are Cosmetic Dermatologists Your Best Option?

A dermatologist office that offers cosmetic treatments such as Clarkston Dermatology has board-certified dermatologists on staff. Therefore, you may feel completely at ease knowing that your skin is being taken care of with the best possible options and backed up by extensive knowledge and years of experience in the fields of medical and cosmetic dermatology.

What Are the Typical Services?

Below is a non-exhaustive list of services that might be offered.

Botox – A very quick way to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines on your face. This treatment is directly injected into your face and works by disallowing facial muscles to contract. A Botox treatment is immediate but will gradually fade away over a three to four month period.

Dermal Fillers – The fastest natural way to fill in facial wrinkles, fine lines, and folds. Like Botox, this treatment is directly injected under your facial skin in multiple places. There are several different types of dermal fillers available including Radiesse, Belotero, Artefill, and Juvederm. The results of dermal fillers is instantaneous, but most will fade in 9-18 months with the exception of Artefill which is permanent.

Skin Treatments – are used to make your skin appear more radiant and come in several different forms:

  • Microdermabrasion is a form of exfoliation that utilizes a high pressure stream of crystals to remove the uppermost layer of skin.
  • Chemical Peels are exactly what they sound like. A chemical solution will be applied to your skin that will help to “peel” off damaged or dead layers of skin.
  • Facials – a facial is a treatment applied to your skin to deep clean and hydrate. Most of the time a facial will include a specially designed cleansing product, steam, and ending with a mask to draw out impurities.
  • Hair Removal – Hair removal at a medical spa can consist of waxing or laser hair removal, which is a long term (or semi-permanent).
  • Photo Rejuvenation – A process that utilizes lasers to remove unsightly brown age spots from just about any area of your skin.

Permanent Makeup – is a procedure that places organic micro pigmented color into your skin. This procedure generally lasts anywhere from four to nine years. Permanent makeup can be applied to just about any part of your face including your eyebrows, lips, and eyes.

What does the initial consultation consist of?

When you come in for a consultation, you will sit down with one of our skin and body rejuvenation professionals to go over the different procedures we offer and choose what best fits your needs. We will also conduct an assessment of your skin to find out which areas of your skin have the most need for care. This assessment will help both you and your consultant figure out which procedures and/or treatments are best suited for you.

How much do procedures cost?

Costs vary greatly and depend on several factors including the type of procedure, area(s) to be treated, size of the area(s), units required, and many others. For this reason we feel it is best to give prices when you come in for your consultation. By doing this we can give you a better idea about how much each procedure will cost, and whether or not you can save money by having more than one procedure done.



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