Get Flawless Skin From Your Dermatologist in Troy, MI Area

Every day on television we are bombarded with images of models and celebrities with skin so beautiful it almost seems impossible to attain. What many don’t realize is that each model and celebrity has their own dermatologist behind the scenes working to keep their skin healthy and flawless. Dermatology is the study of your body’s largest organ, your skin. It focuses on skin disorders and diseases of the hair, skin and nails and is performed by a dermatologist.

What Does a Dermatologist Do?

A dermatologist is a physician who received a dermatology degree from an established medical institution and specializes in diagnosing and treating skin disorders. They study the structure and function of skin as well as the relationship between skin maladies and malfunctions of other organs of the body. Dermatologists deal with a wide variety of cosmetic and dermatologic surgical procedures like laser hair removal, hair transplants, skin excisions and much more.

When Should You See A Dermatologist?

  • When you have cystic or stubborn acne. Many over-the-counter products contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid which are both good for getting rid of acne but if your acne still persists after using these products consistently for 2 to 3 months you may want to see a dermatologist.
  • When you have dark discolorations that won’t heal. If you like to be outdoors and/or tan often you are at an increased risk of skin cancer so if you notice a mole or a dark spot err on the safe side and see a dermatologist.
  • When you have itching and rashes that won’t go away. If you have uncontrollable itching and are breaking out make sure you aren’t allergic to any products you have first and if the problem persists then you should see a dermatologist.
  • When you have scars. Many over-the counter products are very effective at improving the appearance of scars but if it is a raised scar that is too deep or thick then a dermatologist will have to step in and come up with a solution.

How to Find a Good Dermatologist?

A good dermatologist will have expertise in the basic sciences, how skin can reflect diseases that affect other organs as well as a working knowledge of basic surgery. Trained dermatologists usually perform multiple activities like seeing and treating patients in a hospital or private practice setting, teaching at seminars, performing clinical research as well as acting as a consultant to other doctors.

One such dermatologist is Dr. Wendy McFalda who is the lead dermatologist in Troy, MI area at Clarkston Dermatology. Building her practice full of highly-trained staff she led her clinic to being awarded with the honor of being accredited by Lumenis as a Center of Excellence. She has published numerous articles, is a highly-requested speaker who also holds seminars for other physicians all while running her own practice and working as an attending physician.

What to Expect During Your Appointment?

The first step your dermatologist will want to take is to see your medical history in order to determine if there is any sort of pattern or history of skin disorders that need to be taken into consideration. Once your medical history is out of the way a physical examination needs to be done to determine the health of your skin. If you have gone to your dermatologist because of a specific skin issue make your concerns known and your doctor will take a sample of the skin in the area you’re concerned about so that it can be identified and a diagnosis and prescription can be given.

So the next time you’re standing naked in front of a full-length mirror and look and say “What the heck is that?” know that a dermatologist can help you not only diagnose the weird things your skin may do but also enhance your own natural beauty.

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