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Psoriasis is a recurring, chronic condition causing scaly red patches to form on skin. Psoriasis frequently occurs on elbows and knees, but can appear anywhere on the body, including genitals, armpits, palms, feet, and scalp. Clarkston Dermatology employs a combination of medical therapy (topical treatments, biological treatments, and topical and systemic medicals) as well as UV phototherapeutic devices to help treat psoriatic plaques

Did you know?

Around 80% of all people living with psoriasis have the plaque form, also called “psoriasis vulgaris”.

Many individuals find that psoriasis affects every aspect of their daily life. Psoriasis has a very unpredictable nature and is a chronic (lifelong) medical condition. Some people have frequent flare-ups that occur weekly or monthly and others have flare-ups from time to time.

When psoriasis does flare up, it can cause severe itching and pain. Sometimes a flare-up requires a visit to a dermatologist for additional treatment.

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