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Angiomas & Hemangiomas

Sometimes people develop growths on the skin made of blood vessels called an angioma. While this is a benign mass, meaning non-cancerous, it is sometimes unsightly and many wish to seek treatment. Treatment is often not required unless the area is bleeding or you dislike its appearance. An angioma can develop into different types, including Cherry Angiomas and Spider Angiomas. These growths can show up anywhere on the body and often appear with aging or pregnancy. The treatment for this condition is commonly laser therapy.


Furthermore, hemangiomas are tumors or lesions that are made up of blood or lymph vessels. These usually appear at birth or soon after. This type can grow quickly, return, and completely disappear. The areas that hemangiomas most frequently affect are on the face and neck. Again, the treatment for this condition is laser therapy.

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