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Are you suffering from unwanted wrinkles, scars and other conditions displayed on your skin for everyone to see? Then come into our office at Clarkston Dermatology to see what micro-needling procedures we can offer for your specific condition and skin. We offer several different micro-needling treatments that will leave your skin looking young and rejuvenated!


What is Micro-Needling and how does it work?

Micro-needling was first used by the ancient Egyptians to produce beautiful skin. Micro-needling procedures involve the use of very small needles that penetrate the area of the skin affected to naturally stimulate repairs to the skin. These are often very quick and drastically shorten the amount of recovery time you will need to recuperate. All of our services are safe with the help of our trained dermatologists to guide you through the procedure.


Who is eligible for these Micro-Needling treatments?

Anyone is eligible for our Micro-Needling procedures. You will have to come in for a consultation in order to determine which treatment is the right one for your skin and conditions. Allow the professionals at Clarkston Dermatology to fully customize a treatment plan to address your specific skin issues and give you the smooth, firm and youthful skin that you desire.


What are the risks of Micro-Needling? Is it safe?

Our Micro-Needling procedures are all very safe with our trained staff to administer these treatments. As with any dermatology treatment, however, one can sometimes experience side effects for a few days after the treatments is given such as:
● Mild pinpoint bleeding
● Bruising
● Redness
● Temporary rough feeling/peeling
Many of these side effects are experienced for a very short amount of time, usually only a few days, and then fade. However, if you experience these or any abnormal conditions after your treatment, be sure to reach out to us so that we can help you during your recovery period.


Are the results of Micro-Needling permanent?

Micro-needling can produce permanent results. As with most of our procedures, results will be enhanced by a complete skin care regimen and maintenance.


How much do Micro-Needling procedures cost?

Micro-needling procedures costs vary depending on the type that you receive, the number of treatments, and size of treatment area. When you come in for a complimentary consultation with us, we will be able to recommend which procedure would be the most suited to your skin and condition. After your customized treatment plan has been determined, we will be able to provide you with the cost of your procedure(s).


Call us at 248-620-3376 to schedule your consultation at Clarkston Dermatology and we will customize your unique treatment for you and for your desired result.


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