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What is Juvéderm®?


Juvéderm® is a hyaluronic acid gel based filler. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of your skin, making up 40% of the deepest layer of your skin (the dermis.) As we age we naturally loose some of our hyaluronic acid. When injected under the skin, this popular dermal filler replenishes volume and smoothes wrinkles. Juvéderm® injections take about 30 minutes to administer, and provide outstanding results for up to one year. Talk about a quick lunchtime makeover!


Who is eligible for Juvéderm®?


All skin types are eligible for this type of treatment as long as you do not have severe allergies or a history of severe allergic reactions. Anyone looking for a soft, natural correction for fuller lips, nasolabial folds, or marionette lines are potentially excellent candidates for Juvéderm®.


Is Juvéderm® safe? What are the risks?


Juvéderm® may cause some initial discomfort during treatment that can continue in the days following treatment. Our goal is to make sure you get the results you desire with as little discomfort as possible. Although we take every step to ensure the best results, some of the most common side effects include temporary injection site reactions such as:


  • Redness
  • Pain/Tenderness/Numbness
  • Firmness
  • Swelling
  • Lumps/Bumps
  • Bruising
  • Itching
  • Discoloration


As with all skin injection procedures, there is a risk of infection in the treated area. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, or any abnormal sensations or effects, be sure to call us as soon as possible so that we may help you during your recovery period.


Are the results from Juvéderm® permanent?


The results from Juvéderm® are temporary, lasting up to one year with correct treatment. Touch-up injections and repeat injections are often needed to maintain the desired results. Less material is usually needed with repeat injections at regular intervals. Many people turn to Juvéderm® because of the ease with which touch-ups can freshen their appearance affordably and quickly.


Why choose Juvéderm®?


Juvéderm® is the only hyaluronic acid (HA) filler approved to last up to one year with optimal skin treatment, tested in all skin types. Most patients achieve the optimal correction to wrinkles upon their first treatment, but others may need up to 2 treatments to reach the same effect.


How much does Juvéderm® cost?


Juvéderm® at Clarkston Dermatology can vary depending on a number of different factors. The amount of dermal filler needed will be determined by the depth of the wrinkles, size of the treatment area, and fullness desired. We will be sure to work with you so that your treatment doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!


For more information about our dermal filler procedures or to set up a consultation, give us a call at 248-620-3376. We will be glad to answer your questions and help you find the right dermal filler for your unique needs!

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