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Hair Removal for Men

Most men have unwanted body hair that requires removal. Even after close morning shaves, many men’s faces begin to show afternoon shadows halfway through the day. To save time, pain from cuts, and the expense of razors, most men want a permanent way to get rid of body hair. Laser hair removal for men is the preferred method to remain well-groomed.


Traditional lasers target dark and course hairs without causing damage to the surrounding skin. Since each pulse lasts for less than a second and treats several hairs at one time, the entire process is fairly quick. For small areas like the neck, it is possible to eliminate hair in under 10 minutes.


Laser permanent hair removal for men is the solution that eliminates various discomforts. Besides the physical pains of shaving, waxing, and ingrown hairs, there are emotional disadvantages of unwanted body hair as well. Many times, it causes embarrassment and leads to low self-esteem. Laser treatment safely eliminates body hair with ease and minimal side effects. It is simpler than waxing and other removal methods, and it is a smart way to get rid of hair permanently.


To provide the best hair removal for men, the trained healthcare professionals at Clarkston Dermatology use High Speed LightSheer DUET treatments. These are 75 percent faster and more efficient than similar procedures and use vacuum suction along with a laser to limit discomfort. LightSheer is quick and painless, large areas of the body are comfortably handled without anesthesia. After appointments, men can return to normal activities immediately. Since laser procedures work best when hair is at an early growth stage, it may be necessary to undergo multiple treatments.


It is essential to consider laser hair removal for men. This treatment saves time and pain from waxing or shaving. It is one of the few methods that safely and comfortably provides permanent results.


Here are some tips you’ll want to consider for best results:


  • Please do not wax, use hair removal creams, or pluck hair prior to treatment.
  • Shaving, however, before your treatment is recommended. Because the hair’s root is the source of the treatment, the hair does not need to be visible to be treated.
  • Laser Hair Removal is a series of treatments for optimal results.


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