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4 Ingredients That Make the Best Sunscreen

With the warmest weather of the year soon to be upon us, we need to start paying some extra attention to protecting our skin when we’re out at the beach or just laying out in the sun. With this extra sun exposure comes an increased risk of skin cancer and other damaging effects of the […]

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UltraShape vs VelaShape vs CoolSculpting

Clarkston Dermatology has long been your premier choice for CoolSculpting fat reduction treatment, and we are excited to add the popular UltraShape and VelaShape III to our lineup! We have expanded our body sculpting treatment options to provide solutions for unwanted fat, desired skin tightening, and cellulite reduction. Patients have enjoyed the fat reduction results […]

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Get Rid of Fat Safely Through Coolsculpting in Michigan

If you look in the mirror and still feel unsatisfied with the image of you body reflected back then you can easily sculpt the body of your dreams without the risk of surgery through CoolSculpting, an innovative procedure that doesn’t involve a surgical procedure like liposuction as well as general anesthesia and is safe and […]

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7 Moments In Life When You Should Go to a Skin Care Clinic

The quest to improve one’s physical appearance is an adventure everyone gets involved in at one point in their life. It involves analyzing your skin and discovering any issues you have on both your facial skin and non-facial skin and treating them. The most common issues many people have are things like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, dark […]

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Get Flawless Skin From Your Dermatologist in Troy, MI Area

Every day on television we are bombarded with images of models and celebrities with skin so beautiful it almost seems impossible to attain. What many don’t realize is that each model and celebrity has their own dermatologist behind the scenes working to keep their skin healthy and flawless. Dermatology is the study of your body’s […]

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Micro-needling…All Created Equal?

What is micro-needling and how does it work? Micro-needling, also called skin needling or collagen induction therapy (CIT), is a treatment in aesthetic medicine that utilizes a micro-needling device to create controlled skin injury to address concerns such as fine lines, acne scars, and overall facial rejuvenation. As a result, the skin deploys its natural […]

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How Often Should I Be Exfoliating?

Every skin type has different needs. So when determining when to exfoliate, you need to keep your individual skin type in mind. Follow these guidelines to start integrating exfoliation in your skincare regimen. Product Facials are also available at Clarkston Dermatology to feel suggested products first-hand and receive expert advice for a personalized routine! Exfoliate […]

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Laser Hair Removal, your Questions Answered

Are you one of the many who are tired of shaving, waxing, and plucking unwanted hairs away? Have you considered laser hair removal in Clarkston, MI but think it might be painful or too expensive? Finally, the answers to you questions are here. This short article will answer all of your questions and help you […]

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Fat Reduction Clinic in Clarkston with Dr. Wendy McFalda

If you are like many people you have spent countless hours at the gym working out and practicing yoga, doing your best to stay in shape. Many of us have trouble getting rid of stubborn love handles and the dreaded lower abdomen “pouch” no matter how hard we work. Now there is another option, the […]

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Cosmetic Dermatology Services and Treatments in Clarkston, MI

Cosmetic dermatology is often practiced in medical spas and dermatologist offices by highly trained professionals such as medical aestheticians and dermatologists (medical doctors who have specialized in this field). However, there is now a wide array of “at home products” that can help you achieve some of the results of proper cosmetic dermatological treatments. Below […]

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